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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fly me to the Moon

Fly me to the Moon is a 3D animation   which is nWave Pictures, Illuminata Pictures, uFilm co-released in 2008. 
Director:Ben Stassen
Writer:Domonic Paris

animatedchildren's fantasy about three preteen flies who hitch a ride into space on the Apollo 11 moon mission. The year is 1969, and Americans all across the country are buzzing about the first manned mission to the moon. Even the insects aren't immune to the excitement, as evidenced by the enthusiasm of adolescent flies Nat (voice of Trevor Gagnon), IQ (voice of Philip Daniel Bolden), and Scooter (voice of David Gore). Over the years, Nat's grandpa (voice of Lloyd) has often recalled the time he hitched a ride on Amelia Earhart's airplane during the famed aviator's cross-Atlantic flight, and now Nat's dreams of recreating that feat on a much larger scale are finally set to come true. But while the three young flies only believe that they'll be gone for a few minutes, the fact is that they'll be drifting through space for almost an entire week.....
Download Movie- Free - (Password Fm#N2) - Format DVDRIP


  1. Hi! thanks for the video. Movie download is fine. But the password for video preview is invalid. but i donloaded the movie with the same password no issues!

  2. Hey Jim, Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we found something has gone wrong with online streaming with this file.unfortunately the issue is with Megaupload internal issue, so we don't have control over it. We will temporary disabled the online streaming for fly-me-to-the-moon. We are sorry for any incontinence caused. However the file is still be able to download with the same password(Fm#N2). Thanks again.