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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Coraline is a 3D animation  which is   Focus Features, Laika Entertainment, Pandemonium co-released in 2009.  Director: Henry Selick
Writing credits:
Henry Selick (screenplay), Neil Gaiman (book)

A young girl walks through a secret door and discovers a parallel reality that is eerily similar to the life she already knows, yet deeply unsettling in a number of ways, in director Henry Selick's animated adaptation of Neil Gaiman's international best-seller. Eleven-year-old Coraline Jones is fearlessly courageous, and perhaps far too adventurous for her own good. Coraline and her parents have recently relocated to Oregon from Michigan. Bored in her new home since her parents are distracted by work and she has yet to make any new friends, Coraline passes the time by exploring her new neighborhood with an annoying local boy named Wybie Lovat. But after paying a visit to her eccentric neighbors Miss Spink and Miss Forcible , a pair of aging British actresses, and crossing paths with the outright weird Mr. Bobinsky, the precocious young girl becomes convinced that her new surroundings are just as dull as she'd initially suspected. Shortly thereafter, Coraline discovers a hidden door in her new house, and decides to investigate. Venturing into the eerie passageway inside, Coraline emerges into an alternate version of her own reality....

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  1. Just found this site and it is very good work. A new site but good contents easy to access and updating every day. well done cgi-anims!