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Monday, August 8, 2011


Antz is a 3D  Animation by collaboration effort from  DreamWorks SKG, Pacific Data Images (PDI) which is released in 1998.This is  directed by Eric Darnell, Tim Johnson
Writers: Todd Alcott, Chris Weitz,

Antz begins with worker ant Z discussing his feelings of insignificance with a shrink (voice of Paul Mazursky) before heading off to his tunnel-digging job, work supervised by General Mandible (Gene Hackman) and Colonel Cutter (Christopher Walken). Mandible has big dreams of conquest, and he convinces the Queen (Anne Bancroft) an attack is necessary to prevent a termite invasion. Her daughter is Princess Bala (Sharon Stone), who's not overly enchanted by her engagement to Mandible. The Princess goes slumming, visiting the bar where Z hangs out with his friend Weaver (Sylvester Stallone).Why not you find out the rest?

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