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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Promotional contest - Win 25 $$$ !!!

Hi Guys,

Since we are going to build a good visitor base, our CGAnim team has proposed a short term contest series to our followers.

A Poll contest !

Round 1

  • Rules: entry is valid till 30th October 2011.
  • Contestent should be a follower in our site.
  • You can be a follower by simple join to our site through the followers widget.

You need to answer our simple poll. then comment your answer to the same post using your "following member id"

How to select the winner:
  1. Winner should be our follower
  2. Winner should be provided the correct answer to the poll
  3. All the correct answers will be listed by 31st October 2011. after the poll get closed.
  4. Out of the correct answers, CGAnim team will number each vote and select the winners randomly.
  5. We will select the first 3 places on 31st October 2011.
  6. upon selecting the winners we will be inform them through members contact and publish the results in this site.
  7. The First place will offer $25. The payment will be done through paypal only. We'll get the details of payment email as soon we get selected the winner.
  8. The 1,2 and 3rd places winners are get eligible for gold membership privileges 6 months starting 01st Nov. 2011.

$ 25 - for Place - 1

Special Benefits:
For the first 3 places, including the winner will get our Gold Membership for 6 months for free.

Please consider that we own a large collection of movies, but unable to share all it here.
however, the gold members can direct their films requests to us anytime, and we'll be promptly send them the download links.
We will be happy to share gold membership with any followers that contribute to our site through papal. Any of the contributor > 20$ is eligible for lifetime gold membership.

We'll be providing more attractive  polls / contests onwards

Now the poll: 

What is the Mega Upload link for KungfuPanda 2 – Part 1 in our site?

Disclaimer: for this contest, if any confusion arise, the cgnaim team - moderator decision will be the final.

Amended: 2/11/2011


We Proudly announce the Winner of the contest

1st price goes to - William Davey

Following members eligible for Gold Membership for the period
2011-11-01 to 2012-05-31

William Davey



Congratulations! and best wishes!